the traditional store are too single

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the traditional store are too single

Сообщение qizhen0809 » Пт сен 21, 2018 5:00 am

which is conducive to its activities and contact with consumers. The effect of activities is much better than that of traditional stores. When the relevant person asked whether there was any gap between the turnover of Wanda store and traditional home store,
Manager Wang said: There is no special comparison, but according to the current business situation, the sales of Wanda two stores are good. The same as the whole house custom-made top solid, at this stage did not intend to enter the shopping center, but the person in charge Lin said that if there is an opportunity, willing to try.
Large shopping malls are more suitable for custom furniture brands, do not need a large area to sample, but can better provide opportunities for experience. The crowds in the traditional store are too single, and the exposure rate is not high.
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