Bamboo wood fiber integrated wall features

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Bamboo wood fiber integrated wall features

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<p>In addition to the environmental characteristics described above, the integrated wall of bamboo fiber can also be controlled according to the color, size and shape of the product, and it can bewhere to buy a floor wood in luxembourg manufactured by extrusion process, and the cost will be reduced accordingly, saving the country's forest resources. Bamboo wood fiber integrated wall has good thermal insulation performance, and also has many advantages such as fireproof and heat insulation, high hardness, moisture resistance, easy cleaning, no deformation, novel style, etc., completely subverting the wall material of traditional wall surface, and other materials benches made in canada for a yard The processing method is the same as that of solid wood, which can be sawed, nailed, and can be planed without painting. Bamboo wood fiber integrated wall has marble series, wood grain series and wallpaper series, etc.</p><p> Through the appearance, surface and pattern color treatment, it can create a good visual effect and provide more choices for home decoration. Bamboo wood fiber integrated wall construction is convenient, can be customized according to users' own preferences, choose different installation methods, adopt socket, buckle and wedge connection design, and even different styles of products can also be used together with each other. It can be used in a wide range of environments, such as living rooms, entertainment venues, offices, shopping deck design above ground pool round malls, etc., providing designers and users with more imagination.</p>
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